LCSS Board of Directors

Members of the LCSS Board of Directors represent alumni, current and former parents, pastors, parishioners in each of our local parishes, and supporters of our Catholic schools.

Board members are nominated by the Board of Directors and appointed by Bishop Doherty. The Board of Directors must have 15-19 members who serve three-year terms of office, without pay.

The board provides guidance, oversight, and support for the educational mission of our five Catholic schools. 

LCSS Board members are selected to participate in decision-making, through consultation in designated areas of responsibility, by making recommendations to the president. Through committee structures (which may include non-board members), the areas in which the board will typically be consulted are strategic planning processes, policy formulation, selection/appointment of certain leadership roles, advancement and mission, and the annual system-wide budget planning to ensure the smooth operations of all our schools.

Our board members also are vocal advocates for issues such as Indiana School Choice and scholarship tax credits that assist students and families in Catholic schools. Catholic school education is central to the mission of the Church, and our board members serve as ambassadors for Catholic education by knowing and proclaiming “the good news” about the schools they serve.

The following are the members of the current LCSS Board of Directors:

Mr. Jeff Bapst – Chair

Ms. Alice Hession ’67 – Vice Chair

Mr. Jeff Brown – Treasurer

Dr. Christy McLaughlin – Secretary

Rev. Anthony Rowland, Missionary Pastor, St. Mary Cathedral & St. Ann

Rev. Andrew Dudzinski, Missionary Pastor, St. Boniface & St. Lawrence

Rev. Thomas McDermott, Missionary Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas

Rev. Daniel Shine, Missionary Pastor, Church of the Blessed Sacrament

Ms. Trudy Young, Superintendent of Catholic Schools (Ex-Officio)

Deacon Jim Rush ’76, Deacon, St. Mary Cathedral & St. Ann

Mrs. Susana Alvarez

Mr. Kurt Wilson ’72

Dr. James Freeland

Mr. Jim Mills

Mr. Stuart Gutwein

Mrs. Kristin Stapleton ’95

Dr. Mike Bagnoli