Catholic Schools in Lafayette, Indiana


Who We Are

The Lafayette Catholic School System offers a full education from Early Childhood through High School.

Located on five campuses throughout the city of Lafayette, Indiana, our schools have a rich history of excellence in faith-based education.

From the laughter and play-based education of St. Francis Early Learning Academy to the highly anticipated walk across the graduation stage at Central Catholic, we work hand-in-hand with parents to educate children: mind, body, and soul. In our rich history, we have formed a community in the Lafayette area that is supportive, faithful, and joyous.

We pride ourselves on educating our students with a higher purpose.

Our Vision

He Shepherds

Christ is centered every day at our schools. Guided by His teachings, our educators imbue a Catholic worldview into their daily lessons. Our students attend Mass weekly, participate in the sacraments, and have daily theology classes.

We Shape

Our highly-qualified staff focuses on educating the whole child. We invite our students to discover who God calls them to be. We are here to supplement the values and work ethic you’re enforcing at home. Each student’s path will be different, but with individual care and attention, our students graduate prepared for life. An LCSS education teaches critical thinking, how to approach a search for truth, and how to create a life that is intentional and purposeful.

They Shine

We see our students succeed, and we celebrate those successes. When our students move on to college, many of them finish within four years with little to no remediation needed. We love to see our alumni make their way into the world with a firm faith foundation, the knowledge to be successful in college and beyond, the drive to persevere, and compassion for their fellow citizens.

He Shepherds. We Shape. They Shine.

The Lafayette Catholic School System is a system of five Catholic schools located in Lafayette, Indiana serving grades PreK-12. Imbued with a Catholic worldview and committed to student success, LCSS provides an education that leads our students to a higher purpose.